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The Trusted LocalSurfacing Contractors in Palmerston North

The Pavemasters are your local, skilled surfacing contractors who are equipped for every project. From car parks, roads and footpaths to driveways and patios, we can come to you in Palmerston North.Always on the cutting edge, we only use the best tools and materials available. This allows us to complete each paving project on time and within budget. Whether you are undertaking a commercial or residential job, we will share the highest quality service and years of experience.

Asphalt/Hot Mix

Our speciality is using ashpalt to create a surface that has a smooth finish and is extremely durable.

Concrete Kerbs

As well as preparing your surface, we may also lay a kerb and/or channel to suit the gradient of your surface.
Concrete surfacing on a pathway near road
Newly surfaced driveway in a house

Tar/Chip Seal

We are able to cover the surface with a wide range of chip-on-top bitumen options, giving you a durable driving surface at a low cost.

Concrete Driveways

We can provide you with the ideal concrete driveway to suit your property and needs.

Surface Preparation

The Pavemasters will be able to work with you from start to finish. We have the option of having our staff fully prepare the surface, until it has reached a satisfactory condition for the finishing touches.

In some cases, if the ground underneath the desired area has not been compacted to a satisfactory level, you may find dips or cracks start to appear. So we will take the time to fully prepare the area to avoid any issues in the future.
Concrete driveway surfacing going on
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